The Modulum System is flexible and adaptable, with each project assessed to determine the best combination of flat pack, volumetric modules and wet area pods.

For architects, designers and developers we supply the Modulum System built to their unique design and specifications. Our proprietary computational software allows for new, individual designs to be quickly and accurately costed.

The Modulum System comprises of:

-  Pre-finished, patented, flat-pack wall systems that expedite the on-site build, reducing preliminaries

-  Complementary roof and flooring materials, creating a high acoustic and thermally rated building

-  An integrated suite of double glazed, semi-commercial windows and doors

-  Crane-in customisable bathroom and wet-area pods with high quality tile detailing, fixtures and fittings

-  ‘Volumetric’ modules that maximise in-factory efficiencies and significantly reduce site time by up to 85%

-  Bush fire ratings achievable up to Flame Zone

-  A wide variety of customised, sophisticated external finishes.

Modulum Homes will install the Modulum System in Queensland and New South Wales, and appoint pre-qualified builders in other States.. 

Modulum is a grant recipient of the Australian Government's Industrial Transformation Research Program and provides PhD Candidate Scholarships as a Training Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing.